It is a fundamental principle for LIMONES MONICA S.A. de C.V.- LIMONIK PRODUCE, INC., hereinafter “LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK“, develop its operations, business and commercial relations under strict principles of clarity, respect and legality, which is why in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Individuals and its Regulation, for which we inform you of the guidelines that we apply to safeguard the integrity, privacy and protection of your personal data.


1. Data of the Responsible

LIMONES MONICA S.A. de C.V.- LIMONIK PRODUCE, INC., located in Gregorio Torres Quintero SN, Col. Loc. El Cañizo, C.P. 93600, Martinez de la Torre, Veracruz.


2. Personal Data

LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK, will collect your personal data in a personal manner and / or through emails and / or when they come from other sources that are allowed by the Law. The personal data will be the following:

  • Identification data such as: name, address, telephone number, email, CURP, date of birth, age, nationality, image, photograph, country of residence, social security number and preferred method of contact.
  • Labor data such as: Position, work address, email, work telephone number, cell phone number, corporate contract and name of the employer.
  • Education data such as: background education, title, certification ID number, specialty, types of practice and certificates of studies.
  • Bank and billing data such as: Account number, Routing number, RFC and billing information. We inform you that LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK, in any way requests sensitive personal data, however, and if this situation arises, to comply with the purposes, set forth in this privacy notice, they will be collected and treated under the guidelines established by the law.


3. Purposes and / or Uses of personal data
  • Control access to our facilities.
  • Comply with obligations derived from a legal relationship.
  • Register it as a supplier, write the legal instruments that are necessary to support the relationship acquired or want to acquire, submit payments, perform the billing.


4.Limitation of Use or Disclosure of Personal Data

At any time you may revoke or limit any use or disclosure of your personal data by requesting it directly by phone at + 52 (232) 321- 2554 or sending an email to the account, to ask for more information about the process for limiting the use and disclosure of data.


5. Mechanisms to apply the ARCO Rights

In terms of the provisions of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties and its regulations, as the owner of your personal data, by yourself or through a legal representative, who must identify or be accredited correctly, may practice their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition (“ARCO Rights”), by sending an email to the following e- mail address describing clearly and precisely the personal data regarding to, that you wish to apply any of the ARCO Rights.

For that purpose, it should be understood as: Access.- Your request to know which of your personal data has been collected and the mechanisms under which they are kept by LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK, as well as information regarding the conditions and generalities of the mechanisms. Rectification. – Request correction of the data involved, must attach the documentation that accredits or protects the mentioned modification. Cancellation. – Request the cancellation of the data, will start a period of blocking, in which your personal data cannot be used in any way and proceed to its elimination. Opposition. – Opposition to the processing of personal data or a request of processing cease. These rights can be applied by calling + 52 (232) 321- 2554 or sending an email to the e-mail account, providing an email address and / or telephone number to response to your request. Consider that in the case of not providing an email address and / or telephone number to apply ARCO rights, your request will be considered as not filed, as provided in Article 94 of the Regulations of the Federal Protection Law of Personal Data in Possession of Individuals.


6. Modifications to the Privacy Policy

Any substantial or completely changes made to this Privacy Policy may be made by LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK and will be communicated by e-mail to the address of the owner that, for such purposes, keeps LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK registered.


7. How do we save the information?

LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK, collects the information and it is protected in accordance with the present Law, in case of Digital information is encoded in a Database to protect your personal data against damage, loss, alteration or unauthorized use or treatment. The documentation that is physically handled will be compiled in the work center or company facilities, whose protection, quality, loyalty and responsibility will be monitored by the Data Protection Manager according to the present Law.


8. How is the information protected?

LIMONES MÓNICA/LIMONIK, will implement the necessary tools for the security of the holder’s information. The information is secured and protected in the company. Once we receive the information, we will do everything possible to safeguard your security and integrity of personal data and sensitive personal data in our different ways of collecting information. It should be noted that this information will become an inactive file once 2 years of staff leave in our society and may not disclose information to third parties except for the exceptions that mark the articles 10 and 37 of the Law without prior authorization of the owner.


Contact Information: For any clarification or inquiry, please email to the email address
Martinez de la Torre, Ver. To January 01, 2019.