Rain hinders harvesting of limes in Mexico

Supplies of limes out of Mexico are slightly down compared to last year at this time for a variety of reasons.

“We had three days of rain last week and that slowed down the harvest,” says Alex Landin of Limonik Produce/Limones Monica based in McAllen, TX. “We are still in old crop and we are getting 65 percent yield after packing. This means that the quality is not the greatest.”

Landin adds that at this time last year, the new crop had already started so supplies were better. “The new crop is taking a little longer than expected this year and it could be because of all of those reasons,” adds Landin. “We harvest a certain crop every 90-110 days. It all depends on what happens with Mother Nature in those three to four months. We also feel some growers didn’t keep up with there farms/crop due to COVID-19 and this is also affecting quality and delaying new crop.”

In terms of supplies out of Mexico, volume currently out of Veracruz is medium to low on supplies. In Tabasco, there’s low volume for this month but that should move up to medium volume levels in December. And in Oaxaca, there is regular volume for November and December and the new crop should begin in two weeks.


Weather, quality are concerns

Right now, Landin notes with the crop, the greatest challenges are around quality and the weather and he adds that demand is also largely coming from retail.

As for pricing, for limes it is similar to last year FOB Texas at this time. “If anything, prices were a bit higher into the 20s,” says Landin, adding that it does look like pricing will head in that direction soon as well.

Meanwhile, looking ahead, more rain is in the forecast for Veracruz next week for another two to three days which will further affect harvesting limes.


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Publication date: Thu 12 Nov 2020
Author: Astrid Van Den Broek
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